Joann Zimmerman

I'm currently an independent scholar who recently received her Ph.D. from the Department of Art and Art History of the University of Texas at Austin.

I spent the fall of 1995 in Venice doing a semester of research. As a side effect, I took a vast number of photos, many of which I'm sharing with you in a number of guided tours through the Venetian city fabric.

Technical View

I have considerable experience as a software engineer, specializing in compilers, software tools, GUIs, and web page creation. I also have experience in software configuration and release management.

As I'm currently looking for technical employment, here's my current technical resume.

Academic View

I'm an Italian Renaissance specialist, who worked with Brenda Preyer. My dissertation is titled The City as Practice: Urban Topography, Pictorial Construction and Liminality in Venetian Renaissance Painting, 1495-1595, and I'm including chapters 2 and 3 for your reading pleasure.

I also did my M.A. at the University of Texas, but as a medievalist; my thesis was done with Joan Holladay.

I was an assistant instructor for three semesters, teaching ARH 301, "Introduction to the Visual Arts"; you can look at the web page I created for the final semester.

Here's my current CV.

Research Interests

My current research interests are an amalgamation of my art history and software work, and include visual and spatial phenomenology, Venetian Renaissance art and architecture, narrative illustration, and issues of visual navigation both for paintings and cyberspace.

I manage to maintain a number of outside interests, including:

  • Reading, particularly mysteries and science fiction, history and the historical novels of Dorothy Dunnett
  • Travel to Europe and the coastal US
  • Classical music, including opera. I studied voice for seven years, and have sung in the California Bach Society and in the chorus of West Bay Opera.
  • I used to be on the UT fencing team (back in the Dark Ages), and
  • I read a number of newsgroups, including:
  • I'm also an occasional member of F.A.C.T, and try to attend ArmadilloCon yearly.

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