ARH 301 Zimmerman
Fall 1997
Image List 3

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11/10 Gislebertus. St. Lazare, west tympanum. Autun, France. Romanesque.
_____. Cathedral portal sculpture. Chartres, France. Gothic.
_____. Crucifixion. West window. Chartres Cathedral. France. Gothic.
_____. Central portal, west facade. Reims Cathedral, France. Gothic.
Giotto. Entry into Jerusalem. Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy. Late Medieval.
Giotto. Lamentation. Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy. Late Medieval.
11/14 _____. Chi Rho page, Book of Kells. Hiberno-Saxon.
_____. Cover, Lindau Gospels. Carolingian.
11/17 Pablo Picasso. Still Life with Chair Caning. Spain/France. Cubism.
Hans Hoffman. Cascade. U.S. Abstract Expressionism.
11/19 Marcel Duchamp. Bicycle Wheel. France. Dada.
Jasper Johns. Painted Bronze. U.S. Pop.
Claes Oldenburg. Soft Toilet. Netherlands/U.S. Pop.
Duane Hanson. Tourists. U.S. 1970.
12/3 Dorothea Lange. Migrant Worker, Nipomo, California. U.S. 20th-century.

Book Images

11/5 _____. Column of Trajan. Forum of Trajan, Rome. (9.21, 9.22)
_____. Hercules Strangling the Serpents. Pompeii, Italy. Roman. (9.35, 9.36)
_____. Bayeux Tapestry. Norman French. Medieval. (12.15)
11/10 _____. Portal, west façade, Chartres Cathedral. Gothic (13.14)
_____. Tympanum, central door, west façade, Chartres Cathedral. (13.15)
_____. Reims Cathedral. Reims, France. Gothic. (13.22, 13.23, 13.24)
_____. Tympanum, Sainte-Foy. Conques, France. Romanesque. (12.6)
Giotto. Arena Chapel frescoes. Padua, Italy. Late Medieval. (14.4- 14.7)
11/12 Raphael. The School of Athens. Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican, Rome.
Renaissance. (16.27)
Michelangelo. Sistine Chapel ceiling. Vatican, Rome. Renaissance. (16.18,16.20)
11/14 _____. Life of St Denis. Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. Gothic. (13.1)
11/17 Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Gertrude Stein. Spain/France. Pre-Cubist. (27.1)
Pablo Picasso. Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. France. Cubist. (27.2)
Georges Braque. Violin and Pitcher. France. Cubist. (27.4)
Vassily Kandinsky. Painting Number 201. Russia.Germany. Abstraction. (26.5)
Piet Mondrian. Broadway Boogie-Woogie. Netherlands/France. Abstract. (27.14)
Jackson Pollock. Black and White. U.S. Abstract Expressionism (29.6)
Willem de Kooning. Woman and Bicycle. Netherlands/U.S. Abstract
Expressionism. (29.7)
Josef Albers. Homage to the Square. Germany/U.S. Abstraction. (29.1)
Helen Frankenthaler. The Bay. U.S. Abstract Expressionism. (29.8)
11/19 Marcel Duchamp. Fountain. France. Dada. (28.2)
René Magritte. Time Transfixed. Belgium. Surrealism. (28.8)
Richard Hamilton. Just what is it ...? England. Pop. (30.1)
Andy Warhol. 200 Campbell's Soup Cans. U.S. Pop. (30.5)
Roy Liechtenstein. "Torpedo ...Los!" U.S. Pop. (30.6)
11/21 Nancy Graves. Morphose. U.S. (31.24)
Richard Estes. Williamsburg Bridge. U.S. (31.5)
George Segal. Chance Meeting. U.S. (30.10)
11/24 Albrecht Dürer. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Germany. Northern
Renaissance. (18.7)
Albrecht Dürer. Melencolia I. Germany. Northern Renaissance. (18.8)
Honoré Daumier. The Freedom of the Press: Don't Meddle with It. France.
1834. (23.3)
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. La Goulue at the Moulin Rouge. France. Post-
Impressionism. (25.2)
12/1 Nadar. Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt. France. 1859.
Matthew Brady. Lincoln "Cooper Union" Portrait. U.S. 1860.
Studio of Matthew Brady. Ruins of Gallego Flour Mills, Richmond VA. U.S.

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