ARH 301 Fall 1997 -- Zimmerman


From this page, you may access the overhead transparencies that I show in class. They are listed by the date that they were first shown (in other words, if I started to show one on Monday September 8, but didn't show the last part of it until September 10, then it's under September 8.)

Note that only the dates for which class has already happened are active--I will not have made up future transparencies. Instead, I will activate the links as I show your notes.

Just because I put these notes up on the screen is no reason to leave your image lists at home. In fact, I frequently will not include material about an object on the image list, because you've already got it written down in front of you on the image list. So bring your image list to class everyday; whatever lesson I've gotten to on the syllabus will include images marked out by date on the image list. Use it.

M W F   M W F
  Aug 27 Aug 29   Sept 1 Sept 3 Sept 5
Sept 8 Sept 10 Sept 12   Sept 15 Sept 17 Sept 19
Sept 22 Sept 24 Sept 26   Sept 29 Oct 1 Oct 3
Oct 6 Oct 8 Oct 10   Oct 13 Oct 15 Oct 17
Oct 20 Oct 22 Oct 24   Oct 27 Oct 29 Oct 31
Nov 3 Nov 5 Nov 7   Nov 10 Nov 12 Nov 14
Nov 17 Nov 19 Nov 21   Nov 24 Nov 26 Nov 28
 Dec 1 Dec 3 Dec 5        

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