Joann Zimmerman
700 Landon Lane
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 473-2367


Objective: Position in software engineering and/or web development, using my experience and skills as a starting point. Interests include networks and database applications.


•Ten years active industry background, primarily UNIX-based, in software engineering: compilers, GUI design, software tools, operating system programming, configuration and release management

•Web site design and development experience

•College-level teaching experience, including course development

•Excellent writing skills, strong research ability

•Eager to acquire new skills; continued to gain new computer skills while working on Ph.D. in humanities

Computer Skills

Web design and programming: Java, Tk/Tcl, C, HTML, CGI, C++

Operating systems: Linux, Solaris and other UNIX, Windows, Macintosh

Web Servers, etc.: AOLServer, Apache, Ars Digita Community System (ACS) Toolkit

Writing, web production and graphics tools: Emacs, FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, PageMill, GIMP, Photoshop, FileMaker Pro, EndNote

Database: Oracle8i RDBMS, SQLPlus, PL/SQL

Configuration Management: Apollo DSEE, RCS, CVS



Ph.D., Art History, University of Texas at Austin

Dissertation: The City as Practice: Urban Topography, Pictorial Construction and Liminality in Venetian Renaissance Painting, 1495-1595

(See for chapters 2 and 3 in web format.)


M.A., Art History, University of Texas at Austin

B.A., Computer Science and History, University of Texas at Austin

Training and Certification


Sun Certified Java Programmer


Ars Digita Study Program: Design of Database-Backed Web Systems. Problem sets originally developed for MIT Computer Science 6.916 .

(See for a discussion of class structure with particular attention to problem sets.)


CodeWarrior U. C++ refresher course




Duties: Design and implementation of Venetian Maze website
( ), selected in 2001 by National Geographic as a featured link for their “Marco Polo” series. Conceived and implemented redesign of Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Page
( ). Wrote CGI-based version of TACACS password generator for Cisco routers. Designed and wrote IP address interpreter. Developed, installed and maintain Bellereti development environment including Red Hat 7.1, Apache, AOLServer, Ars Digita Community System, Oracle 8.1.5, and Oracle 8.1.6, as well as DocBook and TWiki for project documentation and communication. Completed Ars Digita problem sets, developing additional modules for database-backed web service.

Skills: Linux, Tcl, SQLPlus, PL/SQL, HTML, bash, C, Perl, CVS, cvsweb, Photoshop, GIMP, Oracle, CGI, C++, Java

Current Projects: include developing suite of writing/editing tools (graphical db interface, outlining and note-taking tool) for Agenda VR3 Linux-based PDA, using C++, and completing Sun's Java Developer Certification.



Duties: Copy editor for Charles E. Spurgeon, Ethernet: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly & Associates: 2000). Provided copy edit, organization, fact check and permissions arrangements for 500-page technical book.

Skills: Technical writing


Full-time student, University of Texas at Austin, dissertation research and writing

Skills: Word, EndNote, FrameMaker, FileMaker Pro, Photoshop



Duties: Copy editor for Charles E. Spurgeon, Practical Networking with Ethernet (International Thomson Computer Press: 1997). Provided copy edit, organization, fact checking for 450-page technical book.

Skills: Technical writing


Assistant Instructor, Dept. of Art and Art History, University of Texas at Austin

Duties: Developed introductory art history course. Taught course for three semesters, 90 students/semester. Supervised the grading assistant, and graded 1/3 of work myself. Implemented web page for class
( ), and created class digital image reserve. Held weekly office hours.

Skills: Syllabus development, lecturing, one-on-one meetings, supervision of assistant, HTML, Photoshop, use of AV equipment


Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Art and Art History, University of Texas at Austin

Duties: Ran three weekly discussion sections/semester for introductory art history course. Graded all work for members of my sections (roughly 60/semester). Developed FileMaker Pro-based grade recording and calculation system. Held weekly office hours.

Skills: Lecturing, seminar leadership, one-on-one meetings, use of AV equipment, FileMaker Pro

1992-1993, 1997

Grader, Dept. of Art and Art History, University of Texas at Austin

Duties: Graded quizzes, exams and papers as assigned by supervising professor. Workload up to 150 students.


Full-time student, University of Texas at Austin


Software Release Manager, Tandem Computer, Austin, TX

Duties: Designed, implemented, documented and tested UNIX-based software build and release system using RCS and Make in support of release of fault-tolerant UNIX OS. Used PC for cross-compilation. Coordinated testing and release schedules across approx. 50 engineers. Performed and automated complete system builds. Designed and tested system installation procedures.

Skills: C, UNIX (BSD & Sys5), RCS, Make, shell scripts, troff, Harvard Project Manager


Software Configuration Manager, Mentor Graphics, San Jose, CA

Duties: Designed, implemented maintained and documented software configuration management system based on Apollo DSEE. Performed automated builds of 1-million-line software PCB design and layout project. Coordinated QA testing with build system. Consulted and gave educational seminars for company-wide migration to new software build system. Designed, implemented, tested and documented GUI-based interface to configuration management and build system. Wrote user manual for above interface. Wrote graphics routines for statistics package interface to proprietary trouble-ticket system. Designed, implemented and documented automated tools for software testing, e.g., branch analysis tool. Explored new software technologies (e.g., projected C++ transition, CASE tools) for their projected impact on configuration management issues.

Skills: Apollo Domain OS, Apollo DSEE, shell scripts, CADRE CASE tools, Apollo's GUI design program, Pascal, UNIX, C++, compilers, syntax-driven code analysis techniques

Earlier Experience

Software Engineer, Fairchild Automated Test Equipment, San Jose, CA

Duties: Designed, implemented, documented and maintained compilers in support of digital chip test hardware. Designed, implemented, documented and maintained suite of automated software test tools. Designed and implemented software test strategies.

Skills: Pascal, VAX 11/780, DEC DCL shell language, DEC 68000 assembler, basic sysadmin skills

Software Engineer, Computer Automation, Austin, TX

Duties: Implemented system commands for early UNIX clone. Designed, implemented and documented full-screen terminal-based text editor.

Skills: C, UNIX, Ratfor, Computer Automation Naked Mini OS

Publications and Papers


"Labyrinths of Fear: Spaces of Danger in Venetian Cinquecento Painting," Arizona Medieval and Renaissance Conference


"Crossing the Bridge: Depicting Changes in the Perception of Space in Venice c. 1495," Arizona Medieval and Renaissance Conference


"DSEE on a Large Scale: A Case Study," Apollo Domain Users' Society. Published in Proceedings of the Apollo Domain Users' Society 6(1987).

Languages: French, Italian, German